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Our Services.
What we can do for you.

First of all, we are shaped by our encounters with the most diverse people and interest groups. Our expertise, developed over many years, allows us to show ways, both on the individual and on the corporate level – equally entrepreneurial representatives and co-determination – how a professional life can succeed individually and for an entire workforce: just 10 k.

Since we know many ways and have found good solutions with thousands of companies – from DAX to SMEs – we can encourage you to look ahead and always keep the goal in sight. We are there when we are needed and take the time needed for your challenges.

We find new ways and a good future for all actors from the combination of experience and common sense.



For us, counselling means first of all that we will gain a comprehensive understanding of your situation and then develop the best concept together with you on how to improve your situation. But we also take the liberty of asking critical questions in order to arrive at really good, sustainable and truly effective solutions.

Consultancy and conceptual content can include all questions concerning the most important resource in the company: the employees. Of course, the development of successful change processes and the establishment of up-to-date development and qualification programmes for all employee groups. Good concepts always require professional and coordinated communication with all stakeholders inside and outside the company. We can set up the communication completely or support (parts of) it if internal experts are available.

Questions and issues around the working environment of the future are topics close to our hearts. Many people talk about New Work. We talk about successful 10 k.

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Professional reorientation, outplacement

You are facing the challenge of realigning yourself professionally.  First, we get to know each other so well that you will work on finding your next professional role with confidence, courage, trust and the right direction.

You get to know yourself very well with your wishes and competences and are accompanied by experienced career advisors. We ensure that your documents and your social media appearances are so perfect that they become attractive and professionally visible.

Our versatile contacts help you to quickly get back into conversations that are about your next professional future. We will prepare you for these interviews in a very personal way.

This way you will quickly find your right new job for a new company.

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It starts immediately. After all, we know exactly how to do it and pay attention to all relevant aspects. Contracts, labour market analyses, information events, training for managers and works councils, cooperation with the Federal Employment Agency: examples of how we know what to do.

Three phases are particularly important to us in the process of a transfer company. We support you and prepare together with you for the establishment of the precisely fitting transfer company. We design the new transfer company from A-Z at the individual level, we ensure social bonding and development via project groups, seminars and workshops, and we work together with training providers selected by us. What is clear is that we ensure the organisational framework conditions of a successful transfer company.

In the third phase, the employees find their new professional role with the transfer company out of an employment relationship.

Transfer is transition. It is opportunity. We do everything -with heart- to ensure that this opportunity is recognised and used. We usually place over 90% of all employees in their desired new professional future and continue to accompany each employee after the transition throughout the probationary period!

The success of a transfer company depends on many factors: the individual factors of each employee, the current labour market, the given region with its possibilities. In addition, you need good qualification concepts and a functioning advisory board that takes its work seriously. Through the advisory board made up of representatives of the employer, the co-determination and us, we adjust and steer the transfer company together professionally and individually for each employee.

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Every professional reorientation always has to do with questions of qualification. Every restructuring of a company always focuses on the issues of the next meaningful qualification. So we are always at the centre of qualification issues.

In addition, it is a matter of course for us to keep abreast of developments in the world of work and thus know very well what demands will be placed on employees and managers.

We are thus in a position to offer future-oriented training and further education for all occupational groups, to organise these and to accompany all participants before and during a qualification in such a way that the training goals are achieved.

In addition to implementing a qualification or change initiative, we prepare managers and co-determination for their role in this phase of the company. Theory alone is not enough here. It needs to be practised and rehearsed together, it needs seminars, workshops and, if necessary, individual coaching. Not to be forgotten: Consistent and regular communication.

Only those who educate themselves stay smart. Those who apply education are successful in life.

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Tax and pension

Clarity on tax and pension

Topics such as severance pay, transition to partial retirement, transfer of credit balances or early retirement are extremely complex issues. Employees are often unsettled and behave defensively. If 10 k tax and pension advice clarifies the situation professionally, employees have a valid and resilient basis for accepting a cancellation or a transition to retirement. Our advice strengthens the courage and confidence of each employee to make the decision. In any case, our support increases the acceptance rate of a company offer. We are liable for our advice and give the employee planning security.

Our tax and pension advisors have years of experience in advising employers on appropriate programmes as well as in the implementation and individual optimisation of tax and social security issues for employees.

For employees below the ATZ limits, it is also a good idea to combine tax advice with a professional reorientation. Courage for new things also has to do with security in the material sphere. 10 k combines both and thus creates real and comprehensive added value for the employee.

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