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How we work.
There is always a solution.

We meet and listen to each other. We get to know you and find out what makes you and your concerns special. No matter whether you represent a company, committees or are employed as a staff member in the company.

In this way, we develop possible realities in resonance with our partners, which then also become real possibilities.

We stay tuned and are interested. We broaden our perspective, focus our perception and get an overview. To make visible for you what you otherwise might not see. At eye level with all stakeholders, we sketch a picture of the future together.

We are resolutely moving towards this goal with our partners. We give the path clarity and structure. We take on the role of the motivating forerunner, accompany and let go when the personal responsibility for the new is palpable.

We advise, train, reflect, qualify, design projects and transfer companies: and always support in every situation.
Small steps become big ones and all at once we find ourselves in the future we have designed.

We draw on 30 years of experience in the fields of professional reorientation and business transformation as well as a lively ecosystem of interdisciplinary experts to accompany you on your way to the new. We know the right path for you and accompany you with experience and vision into a bright future.

We find solutions quickly and professionally, even for large projects. We don’t sugarcoat anything. In the end, it’s good. And maybe for 10,000 working days…

10 k Beratung
Stuhlbrudergasse 5
67346 Speyer
+49 (0) 6232 2 98 15 0